A Next Journey Preparation


It was November 2nd, 2011, when his family came to my house and did "khitbah".  It was a happy moment when his family met my family for the first time.  The "when" question is finally answered.  Hopefully, we're gonna make it together! :)

Now is 5 months to go and we have been doing some preparation.  The venue was booked but the theme haven't been chosen yet.  Me and my mom are focusing for detail on "Siraman" and "Pengajian" at this time.  The sad thing is my fiance and i are living in different cities.  So, we're doing the preparation by our own self.  We're doing a segregation of duties here :p... He's focusing on invitation card and other things related to printing, while I'm preparing the "bigger" things.

The tension between me and my mom is getting higher by the time it's closer with the big day.  And i urgently need my auntie in Surabaya. hehehe... she's my second mom...  I never forget to keep praying to God just to make this preparation going well.

I hope next month i can give some progress on this preparation.  Please pray for us,,, :)