Mum And Me Time: Singapore


I visited Singapore on 15 - 17 April 2011.  I called my trip, Mum and me time.. I took flight at 8 pm and delayed for 1 hour.  We took off at 9 pm INA time and arrived at 11.45 pm Singapore time.  There is one-hour time difference which Singapore is faster.  Taxi rode us to Ibu Betty house in Tampines.  The taxi fare was S$12, S$2 more expensive than in the afternoon because they charged midnight fee.  Ibu Betty is my neighbor's niece who lives with her family in Singapore. 

Day 1

1.Raffles Place

Due to the kindness of Ibu Betty, we can use her ez-cards for MRT fare. Thank God There was still S$12 and we didn't need to top up.  S$12 is adequate for our 2 days tour in Singapore using MRT. Ibu Betty's House is near the Tampines station, only about 300 m.  We took Pasir Ris - Joo Koon route and stopped at Raffles Place MRT Station.  My Mum and me walked around near the Raffles Place and also captured some pictures with camera, we saw the old Fullerton Hotel, then crossed the Cavenagh Bridge.  We continued walking through the Singapore river side, Esplanade park and ended at Merlion statue.

Tampines MRT Station

Raffles Place MRT Station

On Cavenagh Bridge in front of Fullerton Hotel

With Marina Bay Sand backgroud

Singapore river side

2. IKEA Alexandra

We took MRT through Raffles place station to Queenstown station then took bus number 195. We shopped plenty in IKEA.  I only bought some frames.  Then we crossed the street to Anchorpoint for lunch and window shopping for Charles and Keith.  I finally got a handbag. Yeaayyy,, Then we went back to Tampines for Dzuhur and Ashar prayer.

Queenstown MRT Station

3. Bugis Junction

Actually, our destination was Vivo city, but since my passion of shopping seemed so explosive (triggered by CK :p) we stopped at Bugis Juction MRT for shopping but we got nothing,,huhu.. We off to Harbourfront MRT station, but firstly, we have to stop at Outram interchange then took MRT Punggol - Harboufront route.

4.Sentosa World

We went to Sentosa Island from Vivo city - Harbourfront by bus.  We walked around the mall in the Sentosa World then headed to Sentosa Beaches by monorail.  We bought ticket for Song of the Sea show at 7 pm.
While waiting, we enjoyed the view of Siloso Beach.  The Show began and we were amazed by the wonderful combination between laser, water and the drama. So Mesmerizing! My mum can't stop adoring it. hahaha,,

On the Bus to Sentosa Island

Before the Show at Song Of The Sea stage

Siloso Beach

Festive walk

Day 2

1. Mustafa Centre

This is a must visit place in Singapore because it's 24 hours opened and cheaper price. (uhuuyy). We started at 7 am off to Tampines Interchange bus station then took bus number 23 and stopped at serangoon road.  We got watch, souvenirs, cheap perfumes for daily use , backpack, face cleanser (koq bisa??) and chocolates. We must go home before 12 am because the flight schedule was 2.50 pm.

On the Bus

Tampines Interchange

Mum having Breakfast @Mustafa Centre

2. Tampines Mall

This place is next to Tampines MRT Station.  We bought some Chocolates in Hersey's store.  Then we walked back to Ibu Betty's House and prepared to go home.

Ibu Betty House is actually an apartment.  Most of residence in Singapore are apartment building.  Their Government provides the apartment with affordable price for all financial level.  Even the cheapest one is consists of 3 bedrooms, kitchen and dining room.  More than enough rite?? Please compare with Jakarta apartment with those specification?!   Most of the people of Singapore are welfare because Their Government guaranty it.  But i feel that the People's freedom of speech is a bit limited here.  We may remember about suicidal case of Indonesian's student of NTU.  Singapore's press seems trying to hide it because they're afraid with the Government.  Well, as long their Government can fulfill what people need, there's no need to conduct a demonstration, no?
Mum overslept on the MRT, exhausted!

Me, Ibu Betty and Tufail


taken from the house 4th floor

Unfortunately, i only had 2 days trip due to no annual leave from my office during CPNS, but maybe later i'll go back to explore other place.  My Mum will visit Singapore this May 24th - 28th.  Lucky her! but never mind, because i've got a spectacular weekend escape in Ujung Genteng last week ;p


Corporate Email


Indonesian House of Representatives commission 8 visited Oz on 26 April - 2 May 2011.  PPI Australia forced for a meeting with then to gain information why House of Representatives chose Oz for comparative study regarding Poverty regulation draft.  The end of story of that meeting was a bit messy with the last question from PPI which asking about each of commission 8 members email.. at First no body was able to answer it but finally a unexpected answer came from a  woman who said "komisi8@yahoo.com".  Then you must be know the respond from the audience...Most of them were smiling cynically and the rest are yelling "wooo".  The audience didn't expect a free email address for the answer, they did wish for an official email from commission 8 which represent a professionalism. Coz the email will be a medium for people there to deliver their aspirations.

Regarding official email,,me, as a supervisor and regulator also don't have an official email.  Actually, my office have official website and emails for their employee, but since limitation of server, it's unable to generate 1200 employee's emails and if you see the website, it's so booorrriiinnngg and old.  There's still no effort from IT division to solve this problem.  It was shame on me at the first time my former office mates asking my new office email.  They don't believe when i said i don't have office email.  Blahh,, whatever... I hope "komisi8@yahoo.com" accident will push this supervisory and regulatory agency to run the official email. We're a legitimate institution which stakeholders are market players who need the official fastest way for communication!!


Wedding Dian - Remy


It was Baralek of Dian - Remy my ex seniors in EY on April 9th 2011 at Carakaloka (ehm,,why am i surrounded by minangkabaunese??)

Happy to know that finally they came into the next phase of life. Wish them a happily ever after marriage. Amiinn..

Me and Wiwied (college+ex office mates)
With Rindra ex-manager (red dress)
Reminiscing BTPN team (-) Lanny
There she goes lanny in soft pink!
EYers and ex Eyers
Newly wed in traditional Minangkabau Costume with Green Gold Bagonjong
I was so happy that i met my former office mates, i called this a small reunion..