A Hope


Last Saturday i met a new friend named, Cecil.  My best friend's girlfriend.  I met her at the Hospital.  She got medical treatment called Stemcells.

What happened to her?
This young and beautiful girl, is suffering from a tongue cancer.  She found out this tongue cancer about a year ago, and it was stage 2B.  Now on, the cancer is on stage 4.  Medically, Cecil's cancer cannot be healed.  As Amo said, 'human should always make efforts, nothing is impossible', so Cecil is taking Stemcell medicine now.

Why i like her?
When i met her, she was totally different with the picture that i got from Amo's bbm picture.  She got cheek and lips swelling and her chin was covered with gauze. But her eyes showed her beauty and told me a huge hope.
I dont really know Cecil in person but i can see some changes in Amo since he started to close with Cecil.  Amo is adorable now. hihihihi... I always remember how Amo wrongly chanted Alfatihah when he was an Imam for Maghrib prayer.  Last time i met him, he did a prayer fervently.  Well, some say that our attitude and behavior could be influenced by people around us.  Be grateful if you have good people around you who bring out the best in you. And thank God for Cecil!
Amo said Cecil is very kind and has caring personality.  Well, i have no wonder she has loads of friends visited her during hospitalized.  I heard that Cecil also helps children with cancer by selling her own label shoes. What a lovely personality!

The day i entered her room at the hospital, i felt so warm.  She was surrounded by her closest colleagues and families.  No tears, they were all just talking with Cecil, although Cecil could only write down what she wants to tell on a paper.  I only have a little worry on her.  Her life seems full of love from people around her.  Love is hope, hope creates spirit to fight her illness, and i see it in her eyes.   As long as there are hope and willingness, prayers will complete and turn them into miracle.

Keep fighting Cecil!


About Sunrise and Sunset

Have a blissful wednesday...
I enjoy the my trip to office every morning, because the sunrise comes along with my morning.  Too bad, today's morning is cloudy. I cannot see you my sunrise..
Sunset also comes along with my way home in the afternoon. I usually snap the sunset by my camera phone or digicam.
Here I share you my sunrise and sunset at different places.

Sunrise @Sanur, Bali, October 2009

Sunrise @Ujung Genteng, May 2011
Sunrise @Puncak Bukit Sikunir, Dieng, May 2012

Sunset @Uluwatu, Bali, October 2009

Sunset @Ujung Genteng, May 2011
I love both sunrise and sunset. Why? Sunrise reminds me a new hope of better day. Sunrise also gives some morning spirit. I love the sun shines upon my face, it really rises me up! Sunset reminds me to rethink about what I have done during the day and progress of my plan also rebuild a new hope.  Most of all, sunrise and sunset remind me how great is God. Subhanallah...

So, catch your sunrise and sunset in every beautiful place and enjoy it!