Long Weekend Getaway: Malaysia - Hongkong - Macau


Alhamdulillah... Me and my 6 officemates and finally spent our long weekend (22 - 26 March 2012) for Holiday in KL, Hongkong and Macau. We did it in Backpacker way! hahaha... I didn't bring a backpack though, suitcase is the best :p

Day 1
Departed from Jakarta to KL.  We took early morning flight at 6.25 am and arrived at 9.25 am Malaysia time.  We went to Putrajaya before took flight to Hongkong.  Rode by bus from Airport to Salak Tinggi station then went to Putrajaya station by Train.  We finally took bus to go to the central of Putrajaya. We Walked around the mosque, had lunch and took some pics, yes we are narcistic travellers :p

Salak Tinggi Station
Botanical Garden

Putrajaya Mosque
I had to wear Robe due to my tight jeans :p

Office of Prime Minister of Malaysia
We urgently took taxy to go back to the airport because of limited time. Our flight was at 4.10 pm. But seemed that curiosity of Ministry of Finance building forced us to stop by and took pics there ;p

Kementrian Kewangan Malaysia
(taken from Riri's)
Safely landed in Hongkong International Airport at 8 pm (yeah amazingly the flight was sharply on time, unlike... :p) and we started to get cold. Yess the temperature was approximately 17 - 25 celcius there.  Our 1st Hostel were in Tsim Tsa Shui. After bought the Octopus card (HKD150), we took bus from airport bus station.  Less than 1 hour we finally arrived at Hostel.  Zzzzz.......

Day 2
Avenue of the Stars - Central - The Peak (Madam Tussauds)
Firstly, we had to move to another Hostel placed in Mongkok (very closed to ladies market). Rode MTR to Tsim Tsa Shui for Avenue of The stars then Central for lunch and took bus to The Peak.

Mr. Bruce Lee

We went home by taking tram and continued by taking MTR.  Then we shopped til drop at ladies market and Mongkok street.  That was the first time I fall in love with Hongkong night shopping.  Cosmetics are quite cheap here. You may find a lot of Cosmetic stores in every corner of the street. :))))

Day 3
Citygate - Giant Budha - Disneyland
MTR seemed the best transportation to take us to anyplace in Hongkong.  At Citygate, there were a lot of sale in  every stores like Mango, Zara, Body shop etc. You may guess, yes we bought some body butters, shower gels and body lotions in Body shop. We can take bus of cable car to Giant Budha from Citygate.  Since the cable car were under maintenance, then we took bus which spent around 1 hour drive. The atmosphere is very peaceful in Giant Budha, most people pray at the temple here.  To go to Disneyland we should go back to Citygate then we took Disneyland MTR.

Giant Budha Gate

We continued Day 3 journey by watching symphony of lights at Tsim Tsa Shui.  Then,, we shopped til drop (again).

Day 4
Macau - Senado Square - Venetian - Giant Panda Pavillion
We started our day in early morning because we had to catch morning ferry to macau.
Here we go...
More like an Airport than a Ferry terminal (Indonesia Version :p)

Arrived in Macau, we took bus to Grand Lisboa for free, the Hostel is not far from that Casino.  Then  we continued our trip by bus to Senado Square, Venetian (Taipa island), and Giant Panda Pavillion (Coloane island).  Too bad the Panda attraction was finished by the time we arrived there :(
My other friends went to Fisherman's wharf near the Macau Ferry terminal.

Senado Square

The Ruins of  St. Paul

Inside the Venetian

Panda Pavillion
At night you may see the light attraction at Grand Lisboa, too bad i was too exhausted that night, so i decided to go to bed.

Day 5

Again we started our day @6.00 to catch flight to KL at Macau International Airport.

 @14.35 we arrived at KL, then continued our journey to KL sentral by bus and took the Train to the Twin Tower Petronas. We also spent time in Bukit Bintang for shopping.

We went back to the LCCT in a rush,, hihi,, mepettooo... the flight was 22.25 but we arrived at Airport at 21.00. Thank God the flight was delayed :p

Finally, we went home in a very early morning in Jakarta :)
Have yourself a fun holiday with family, friends or your beloved ones,, Share the journey with them :)