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Indonesian House of Representatives commission 8 visited Oz on 26 April - 2 May 2011.  PPI Australia forced for a meeting with then to gain information why House of Representatives chose Oz for comparative study regarding Poverty regulation draft.  The end of story of that meeting was a bit messy with the last question from PPI which asking about each of commission 8 members email.. at First no body was able to answer it but finally a unexpected answer came from a  woman who said "komisi8@yahoo.com".  Then you must be know the respond from the audience...Most of them were smiling cynically and the rest are yelling "wooo".  The audience didn't expect a free email address for the answer, they did wish for an official email from commission 8 which represent a professionalism. Coz the email will be a medium for people there to deliver their aspirations.

Regarding official email,,me, as a supervisor and regulator also don't have an official email.  Actually, my office have official website and emails for their employee, but since limitation of server, it's unable to generate 1200 employee's emails and if you see the website, it's so booorrriiinnngg and old.  There's still no effort from IT division to solve this problem.  It was shame on me at the first time my former office mates asking my new office email.  They don't believe when i said i don't have office email.  Blahh,, whatever... I hope "komisi8@yahoo.com" accident will push this supervisory and regulatory agency to run the official email. We're a legitimate institution which stakeholders are market players who need the official fastest way for communication!!


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