Ruffle Pony Tail Hijab :p


I came to Ulya's wedding on Sunday Oct 23rd 2011and was wearing unusual hijab style. Therefore, when i put the my picture wearing it on BBM profile, some friends asked how to wear it.  So Here they are the steps..

these are what u need
1. Make ruffle using brooch on the center of pashmina
2. Put the ruffle and the brooch right on your head
3. Make sure that pashmina covers your head
4. Take both sides of your pashmina
5. Pull the both sides of your pashmina to your back head
6. Secure it with brooch or safety pin
7. Tadaaaa... ruffle pony tail hijab done! :p

Have a try,, Goodluck..


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Romey said...

ya ya ya yaa.... tau deyh yang fashionable :p

Rizka Primahasti Ayuni said...

Iriiii, tau deh yang lebih fashionable :p

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