About Sunrise and Sunset

Have a blissful wednesday...
I enjoy the my trip to office every morning, because the sunrise comes along with my morning.  Too bad, today's morning is cloudy. I cannot see you my sunrise..
Sunset also comes along with my way home in the afternoon. I usually snap the sunset by my camera phone or digicam.
Here I share you my sunrise and sunset at different places.

Sunrise @Sanur, Bali, October 2009

Sunrise @Ujung Genteng, May 2011
Sunrise @Puncak Bukit Sikunir, Dieng, May 2012

Sunset @Uluwatu, Bali, October 2009

Sunset @Ujung Genteng, May 2011
I love both sunrise and sunset. Why? Sunrise reminds me a new hope of better day. Sunrise also gives some morning spirit. I love the sun shines upon my face, it really rises me up! Sunset reminds me to rethink about what I have done during the day and progress of my plan also rebuild a new hope.  Most of all, sunrise and sunset remind me how great is God. Subhanallah...

So, catch your sunrise and sunset in every beautiful place and enjoy it!

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