The Infamous Paradise: Pagang Island


This trip was accidentally planned on November 2012 due to low fare ticket by Mandala Airlines because The Company opened new route from Jakarta to Padang.  We got return ticket of Jakarta- Padang for only IDR 60,200. Mwihihihi...   Therefore, Me, Yayi, Ines, Nita and Fika started to arrange trip to west Sumatera on December 15 - 14, 2012.

At the first time, my officemates and me planned to visit Sikuai island. But based on information from my collage mate who just came back from Padang, Sikuai island is closed for uncertain time.  Therefore, she suggested me to go to another island near Sikuai island, Pagang island.  Well, i never heard about that island before, then i tried to find more information about the island through the traveling blogs.

Finally, we booked the travel agent: Regina Adventures for Pagang island 1 day trip.  It costed IDR 300,000 including pick up service from Airport and to Padang, boat rent, snorkeling, lunch, and snacks. We also booked hotel for 1 night.

We got the very first flight at 5.35 am and thank God it was on time. When we came to the waiting room at 5.10 am all passengers were on board, and we were the LAST passengers in that flight.  Blame it to Ines. hahaha... We arrived at 7.10 am and we met Mr. Elvis the owner of Regina Adventures.  He drove us to the first stop: Breakfast! We had Lontong Sayur for Breakie.  Yummyy...  Then we continued our trip to Teluk Bungus before we sail to Pagang Island.  Padang - Teluk Bungus takes about 1 hour by car. Teluk Bungus is part of Painan district.  We reached Teluk Bungus at 9.45 am then we prepared to cross the sea for Pagang island which took about 1 hour by small boat.

Teluk Bungus

The View during our trip

Office Mates

It was cloudy day @ white sandy beach Pagang Island

Breathtaking view

Pagang Island from the cross land

Kerapu fishpond

Clear water
At Teluk Bungus, we went to Losmen Tintin and met Mr. Asrul who took us to Pagang island.  We just unconsciously blank when we saw the breathtaking view in Pagang island.  Subhanallah.. My friend Nita even didn't wanna leave the island. She kept playing on the beach while i got shaking because of wet clothes after snorkeling.  We also visited Kerapu fishpond across the island. From the small talks between us and Mr. Asrul, China fisherman boats usually come to that pond and buy the fish for IDR 300,000 - 900,000/kg while local fisherman can pay less than it.  Mr. Asrul also said that only few tourists who know Pagang island and mostly foreigners.  Hmm... I assume this is because of lack of promotion by local government.  We sailed back to Teluk Bungus at 4.00 pm and arrived at 5.00 am.

Thank God I've been there in Pagang Island. Nothing i can say but Subhanallah... Wishing a better development of Pagang island tourism which should be supported by the local government.  This could be a potential income for the West Sumatera.

Find a place that reminds you of God, then be grateful you can enjoy it...


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