Am Grateful for...

1. Added your friendster
It was my best friend who suggest you to me. He was so fussy and forced me to add yours. errhh.. But finally, i decided to add u. I thought that "well, it's great to have a new friend." And I didn't think that u're that good looking based on his spiel..hahahha.. then, continued to ym, u asked for my phone number :)

2. The word "Damn I miss U"
This words was said at the 1st time on mid February 2008 on YM. It was "approaching" moment by you. I was blushing at that time. U may ask Lanny for this. I was in the hotel room in Bandung doing some works with her. Btw, how come u said that u miss me if we haven't met yet??

3. April 17th 2008
The 1st time i met you on Jalan Lombok.  I was amazed by your bold boot.wakakakkk.. Well, finally i admitted that u're good looking.. ;p (gawsa GR ya pak)

4. Night calling til drop
We're having 3 years LDR. Yes, you used to call me before sleep until you were overslept with humming, hehe.. it was good to hear your breath on the phone.  Even you kept calling me in the middle of my hectic midnight in EY without whining only to hear my voice while working though we didn't talk each other..(so sweet..)

5. Your presence on My birthday
I suddenly realize that you always come to Jakarta every June 9th except in 2008.  On my birthday in 2008, u sent me a surprise..

6. Your working spirit
Well, as a Minangkabaunese, you do have their work ethic and i like it.  It shows that you're a responsible man. halah..

7. Your big family
It's an honor for me that your family accept me though we're from different ethnic. Your big family are friendly and i love your Mother! Your family home is the 2nd warmest place after mine,,

8. Your morning greetings
Your early morning greetings are my daily mood booster! also wake me for morning prayer.  An early morning smile after read the greeting makes my day brighter..

9. A humble person
I thank God that you're humble. It makes you see me just the way i am and never complain unless I'm over the line.  I learn a lot from your simple and religious lifestyle.

10. All memories about U
This is one of my great gift in my life. Though we may not be meant to be, but i never ever wanna lose all of them especially the warmth of your family.  I'm gratefully happy to have it!

Dedicated to Abang, the one i adore...

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dsadissa said...

hehehhehe :)

Rizka Primahasti Ayuni said...

*hugs in return* :)

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