Boring Time at Office


Just simple Question, what would you do at office when you get bored?
Me? i'll get a sheet of paper and pencil then design a gown.. :p

I made a gown design for my best friend wedding. Well, the result wasn't exactly as i wanted but it wasn't too bad.

I like 'Karancang' on my waist, but I wasn't satisfied with the balloon pattern on shoulder.  I wanted a simple puffy pattern on my shoulder.  And i guess the sleeves is too short. So, last week I put back the gown to the tailor for repairing.

Note: it's better to have 2 different striking colors of fabrics mixed, ex: for base fabric/silk: gold, lace/brocade: electric blue/fuchsia.

I also made another design this afternoon in my boring time at office ;p (maafkan PNS yang satu ini!)

This gown will need 2.5 - 3.5 m of chiffon for drapery skirt, 3 - 3.5  m of silk/satin and 1 m of lace/brocade.  Or maybe it can use all chiffon fabric without satin.
Hmmm... i think it will be great if the mixture of the fabrics is dusty pink satin/chiffon and broken white lace.
Tapi kapaan bikinnya??


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