The Omra


Alhamdulillah for the opportunity to do Omra this year. It held on 11 - 18 April 2012.  I was with my 2 high school mates (Riri and Nadia).

In Front of Nabawi

The Umbrellas

Quba Mosque

Jabal Uhud

Inside the Kiblatain Mosque
Kiblatain Mosque
Jabal Rahma

Ka'bah.. Subhanallah..

Feel The Crowd

Ride to home
"Feel Blessed" that was what i felt when i did the pilgrimage. Mixed feeling between affected and sad. Affected, because i finally could be there in Al-Haram land and felt how great is God. Sad, because i remembered how many sins I've made.

A lot of magical stories I've got in Al-Haram.  It was the first time i fell in love with Madina Al Munawaroh, a peaceful place and the residence until the death of Rasulullah SAW.  Mecca is more like a metropolitan city when first came there, but when i saw Ka'bah, i couldn't resist my tears.  All I want is to come back there soon, whether for Hajj or Omra.


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